We must all exceed our own expectations

Good evening …. its a cool summer night here in Florida on the 1st of July.  This indeed is a glorious night.  The rain cooled things off and the sound of “Some Where Over the Rainbow”  in Hawaiian style by Israel Kamakawiwoolie “What a Wonderful World” what a beautiful song.

What a beautiful idea “we must all exceed our own expectations” because in fact it is a wonderful world when we do!  Take a moment and think about the idea.

Exceed expectations – we look for it in those around us.  Perhaps not on a conscious level but we certain are aware when it doesn’t happen.  Some on cuts you off, or doesn’t give you the right change.  Your order takes to long or whatever may irk you.

Exceed expectations – hey there – my order was too fast, the food was too good.  Your staff was too nice and you had exactly what I wanted when I wanted it…..  Things we rarely hear.

We must all exceed our own expectations…go the extra mile.  Create “raving fans” ok, I know your mom is a fan but we are talking about the human race at large.  Who else loves you?  You?  You can when you exceed your own expectations.

Don’t let yourself down.  Don’t give up just short of greatness…. you have genius and beauty in you…you have power and creativity too.  You were created in the likeness of the Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth and He doesn’t create junk.

So go on out there and exceed your own expectations.  You have capacity latent within you that you have never imagined.  You have capacity that the ultra athletes on tv and in the magazines are awarded for….the question is are you exceeding your expectations or are you playing it safe.

Go out risk it….see how far you can go and then go further.  Get someone to be on your team to push you to achieve more.  To exceed what you expect.  If you run a mile or block then get someone to push you to run 3, 4 or 5 more.  If you earn $50k a year get someone to push you to earn $200k or more.  If you have a few great friends, get someone to push you to have more….if you contribute to our society, get someone to push you to exceed your own expectations.

Exceed Your Own Expectations….and I will mine.

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