Traffic and Direction Changes for Success

Good Morning to all, it has been a while since I posted. I guess you could say I was stuck in traffic. If you know what I mean. It took me some time to realize but, I have found a way.

This past Sunday on the way home from Church we got stuck in traffic. There was an accident on the interstate and they closed all three lanes and were feeding us off on the shoulder. It was an interesting time.

My kids 8, 6, and 4 all wanted to know why we weren’t going down the on ramp like everyone else. Clearly, this would have been one way to beat the traffic. Dangerous, yes. Against the law, yes. Beat the traffic, yes. No we didn’t. Then they wondered why some people were driving in the grass and so on. Traffic can be a great teaching tool, not just for kids.

You see when we face traffic in our lives, jobs, careers, contracts, relationships etc, that don’t seem to be going as we like, we must decide. How will we behave? What will we do? What will we not do?

Each day we are presented with traffic situations, that we get to make the call about. Will we change directions for success? Or will we be patient and wait for the traffic to clear? There are two different methods to success. The question is which one is right for you and your situation.

I tender these things to help you think about what you are going through (notice I said through) you are not stuck unless you choose to be. Oh, you may be moving slowly in a traffic jam, but stuck never, unless by choice. If you want to look at attitude in the crisis it will give you a good indication on which method you may choose for success.

I encourage you not to break the law. Don’t violate someone else’s rules just to move you forward, don’t do the wrong thing. Keep a positive attitude. Look for a way around, a change in direction, or be patient and wait for things to clear.

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