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101 Networking Nuggets Ebook

One Best Selling Book – 101 Networking Nuggets is being used by Chambers of Commerce to help their new members get an understanding of how to network effectively.  We have put together an incredible bundle of book, worksheets, and a powerful seminar that will really take your networking to the next level.

If you want more referrals, resulting in more sales faster than ever before.  Then you should check out this site.

Elevator Speech Builder

Over the last few years we have heard almost 50,000 elevator speeches.  Some good, some bad, some GREAT.  In our signature seminar we spend time working with players on their Elevator Speeches and this program is designed as a home study course to make your Elevator Speech ROCK.

If you understand the power of the Elevator Speech and what it can do for your sales then the question becomes are you read to take it to the next level?

Inspiration Agents Corp Site

We love to work with individuals, groups, organizations, chambers and other businesses inspiring them to greatness.  We speak, we consult, we coach – we help you grow and achieve your dreams goals and desires. This is our corporate site – stop and take a look around.

The Goals Workout

Each year since the beginning of Inspiration Agents we have done some form of this program.  It was our very first program and it was and is awesome.

When Glen and I decided to embark on this journey as professional speakers we didn’t know what to do.  So taking a look at the landscape we decided that Goals were perfect for the New Year.  So in January of 2005? maybe 2006 we did our first program ever.  We sold tickets and with 4 people in the room – we made history.


In 2007 I was president of a Business Networking group and a wonderful lady came to visit.  She showed me how I could follow up with my customers using greeting cards.

Well I was a student of success and I knew how it had worked for Joe Girard making him ultra-successful in the car sales business, I knew how it worked for Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield and so I was a card sender.  BUT – I wasn’t always consistent because sometimes I had stamps and no cards, other times I had cards and no stamps.  Occasionally I would have both but not the time to write them out, or get them to the mail.  I was falling short of my desires to follow up with my customers.

Along comes Bridget – she shares with me the miracle of SendOutCards and I knew it was for me.  I now follow up with the most powerful tool known to man and woman.  It takes me the same time as it does to send an email, yet my friends, clients and loved ones get a real card with a real stamp in my hand writting delivered to their door, sometimes even with a gift.  Its worth looking at if your in business.  Its worth looking at if you love someone. Give me a call 941-374-6973 and I can tell you all about it – or drop me an email

War on Cold Calls

Is Your Networking Working?

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