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Jan 3rd – Newsletter -
What in the world are you doing to serve your clients and potential
clients today? Yes, today.

I know you did great stuff for them yesterday or last week or whenever
it was that they became your clients. BUT – What are you doing now?

In tennis as in life the expression goes – those who serve well win.
It is true. Are you still serving your clients well? Or have you
lost them to someone who serves them better?

Oh, I know not you. You are on top of your game. So what are you
doing today to serve your clients? Here are a couple of ideas that
you should chew on and see how the feel to you. Try some out. Heck,
try them all out.

1. Call them with a referral. Yes, call them with a referral or a
connection – someone who can benefit them. Don’t ask for or hint
around for one in return.

2. Send them a Card, not an e-card (I use SendOutCards call me to try it  941.374.6973 less than a buck a card and they are beautiful – email me your physical address and I will send you one) saying that you appreciate them and
are thankful for them. Notice I didn’t say thankful for their business.
I said thankful for them. It makes a difference and they will love it.

3. Send them a small gift (brownies, cookies, a book or something
that reminds you of them or that you think that they might enjoy -
here again I use SendOutCards – call me for more info 941.374.6973

4. Call them and take them to lunch – bring a referral or client along
that may be of benefit for them. By all means pick up the tab, this
isn’t a time for dutch.

5. Put on your thinking cap and come up with some way to serve your
client. Myabe there are tickets that they would love to have or
a particular thing that reminds you of them. Pick it up and drop it
off at their office. Cut out an article or something that might
be of benefit to them.

A couple of words of caution.

1. This is very effective and will pay high dividends so beware of
the increase in business headed your way.

2. Notice that your not asking for anything in return. You are just
serving and thinking of the other guy or gal.

3. Notice that there is no email involved. This is all very HIGH
TOUCH. Telephone, Real Mail, In Person etc… This is what works
you are welcome to do what you like. BUT This Works.

Try this as you go through your week. If you have questions or want
additional information please let me know. Have a great day!

Remember to be sure and be Blessed.
To Your Success


ps I have a program coming up in the second week of April all about
HIGH Touch Business Growth – watch for the details.

pps Thanks for being one of my many readers – I trust that your week
is full of many blessings and successes and that the ideas here pay
big dividends for you.

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